Une histoire Francaise - Keranat™ - Diminuer la chute de cheveux

Keranat™, a French Story

The rolling millet fields inspired our biologists, specialised in Nutricosmetics, to design an innovative ingredient for strong and healthy hair.

In our research laboratories in Grasse, six years of passionate research led to the development of Keranat™, a revolutionary natural ingredient that fights hair loss and leaves hair healthy.

Keranat™ has been developed from a variety of millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) cultivated in France.

Keranat™, a patented ingredient

In the Loire Valley, millet fields are grown exclusively for Keranat ™ not far from Chambort castle. Our sector is composed of a network of family farms that work in sustainable agriculture or organic farming.

Millet seeds have a peculiarity: they contain a very rare molecule, miliacine.

Our experts have patented a miliacine encapsulation system, which increases the effectiveness of Keranat™.

Photo du château de Chambord dans la Vallée de la Loire avec des champs de millet l Keranat™ Groupe Robertet, ingrédient Keranat breveté

Keranat™, optimal bioavailability

Our patented encapsulation system increases the bioavailability of Keranat™ miliacine.

Keranat™ acts directly on the biological motor of hair: the dermal papilla.

Keranat™ restores a healthy life cycle, decreases hair loss and leaves hair stronger and healthier.

6 years of research and 2 clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Keranat™