To fight against hair loss, it is important to consider a comprehensive approach to hair care by combining the Keranat™ dietary supplement with treatments adapted to the hair’s needs.

Gélules jaune Lipowheat

Dietary supplements

The soft capsule is the optimal galenic form for Keranat™. This is the galenic form used in clinical studies.

These soft capsules can be made with plant material for products suitable for vegetarians.

Keranat™ is available in certified organic version Ecocert and is Kosher and Halal.

Hair treatments

Keranat™ is very easy to formulate in hair care in anti-hair loss serums and in shampoo and hair loss treatment ranges.

Keranatis certified Cosmos, Natrue. It is listed China.

In addition, Keranatcombines perfectly with Bô-Kêt, our natural cosmetic ingredient that ensures very gentle washing and conditioning to protect hair and the scalp.

Bô-Kêt is part of this comprehensive approach, which hair needs to become naturally soft and shiny.

Photo d'une femme avec des très beaux cheveux blonds ondulés grâce à l'ingrédient Keranat Groupe Robertet